views provides chart and dataset management for interactive visualizations. Combining WebCharts, D3, and other modern web frameworks, views offers an easy way to create, manage, and secure interactive charts, dashboards, and the datasets that power them. It's also got a simple, powerful RESTful API, allowing integration with... well just about anything that speaks HTTP.

views is powered by Clojurescript, React (via reagent), and WebCharts on the front end, and Java 8, Spring 4, and Postgres on the back end.

views (server) viewspa (client)

Open sourced on December 7th, 2016 under the BSD 3-clause license.


cadvent is a micro-service for adverse event coding. It provides a simple RESTful API for coding adverse events using the MedDRA dictionary (not included).


Open sourced on March 30, 2017 under the BSD 3-clause license.


CRxREST is a plugin-driven micro-service for medication lookup and coding. It provides a comprehensive domain model for medications and pharmaceutical products as well as a RESTful API allowing for search against a runtime-extensible set of dictionaries.


Open sourced on January 8th, 2018 under the BSD 3-clause license.


micreda is a lightweight authentication system designed to integrate numerous sources of identity information (LDAP, legacy systems, and more).

It handles role management, JWT token issuance/verification, and (optionally) credential storage. It will not be useful to everyone, but it is indispensible to those that need it.


Open sourced on August 18, 2017 under the BSD 3-clause license.


schemebox is a Scheme dialect designed for use in sensitive client-side applications. It dynamically transpiles to Javascript, but does not provide any interoperation with traditional web API. It is therefore suitable for use as a lightweight formula/client-side computation language by end-users who would otherwise not be trusted to write executable code.

This project is under development and has not yet had its initial release. Check back soon. Planned license: BSD 2-clause