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Attractive visualization, made simple. views can help you visualize your data.

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We're open.

There's a future where the software that powers research remains closed.

Where innovations that start with code end with patents.

We don't like that future.

So we're choosing a different one.

CSCC.io is the home of CSCC's foray into the open source community. It's our chance to collaborate, share, and improve our little corner of the software ecosystem.

We've come to rely on open source throughout our work, and it's our turn to give back.

We're experimenting.

CSCC is constantly experimenting.

Whether it's embracing front-end technologies that let us build applications faster or finding new ways to innovate in our analyses, we love the new and exciting.

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We're listening.

Got an idea for something that we should add? Made an improvement to one of our projects?

Feel free to fork our code, make it better, and let us know. We're listening.

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